Kelly Oubre Scouting Report

Kelly Oubre

6’6.75” 203

NBA Position: Wing

Age 19

TS% eFG% % FG Rim FG% at Rim % FG 3pt 3pt FG% FT% FTA Per 100 Steal % TOV

PER 100

.555 51.2 30.5 60.3 38.5 35.8 71.8 8.7 3.3 3.4 8.1 23.1 21.1

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  • Prototype Size and Rare Wingspan (7’2.25”) for an NBA Wing
  • Elite and Fluid NBA Athlete: Quick Jumper and Explosive Above the Rim Finisher In Space
  • Speed and Athleticism in Transition as a Finisher: More Mobile than Explosive
  • Cutting/Slashing Potential
  • Good Shooting Mechanics as a Catch and Shoot Player with Three-Point Range
  • Plus First Step Attacking Closeouts
  • Defensive Versatility: Ability to Guard Three Positions
  • Length Defensively Playing Passing Lanes With Deflections and on Closeouts
  • Elite Laterally Agility, Can Wall Off Penetration
  • Physical Profile to Help and Recover, as Well as Swipe Down on Post Ups
  • Uses Length Well to High Point Balls on the Glass Even with Lack of Strength

Oubre looks the part of an NBA wing prospect from a physical standpoint. He possesses good size and is a mobile, fluid mover with plus NBA level athleticism, especially in the open court where he can explosively finish above the rim in space while showcasing his quick jumping ability.

Play Type Freq. PPP Rank Rating FG% aFG% TO% %FT
P&R 12.3 .775 61% Good 26.7 26.7 2.5 30
Transition 23.7 1.195 76% Very Good 55.6 62 10.4 26
Spot Up 26.8 1.046 75% Very Good 36.3 50.6 2.3 6.9
Cut 6.8 1.364 89% Excellent 68.4 9.1 13.6
O Reb 9.5 .903 25% Below Average 50 6.5 16.1

What separates Oubre from most prospects however is a ridiculous Kawhi Leonard esque 7’2” wingspan, and those long-arms really pop on tape as will be touched on below.

Oubre’s best component to his game offensively is his transition finishing ability (as showcased above), showing great speed and mobility in the open court with the length and athleticism to finish quickly on the move. Oubre really utilizes his length to finish as he is not the most explosive jumper in close quarters, and that length advantage profiles well for Oubre as a cutter/slasher on the NBA level, having already demonstrated elite metrics off cuts in college.

While Oubre is not the most consistent shooter and shoots out of a narrow base, he has a high quick release that looks incredibly smooth out of spot up, catch and shoot situations. He also has range out beyond the NBA three-point line that looks effortless.

Catch & Shoot HC Frequency PPP Rank Rating FG% aFG%
Guarded 72.5 .1.02 61% Good 34 51
Unguarded 27.5 1.263 68% Excellent 42.1 63.2

In tandem with his shooting ability, Oubre has a quick first step to attack closeouts, giving him the baseline skill-set for virtually every NBA perimeter player.

Defensively is where Oubre profiles best as a prospect, possessing the physical tools to be a lockdown perimeter defender in the league with the versatility to guard three positions. On ball, Oubre is very quick laterally and uses his long arms to stymie dribble penetration. As he continues to add strength he’ll be able to absorb contact more effectively on dribble penetration to wall off penetrating guards or wings, but even now he is able to offset some of his strength disadvantage with his octopus arms.  Oubre has shown the ability to slither through picks in pick and roll, as well as defend in isolation.

Play Type Freq. PPP Rank Rating FG% aFG% %TO %FT
Spot Up 39.3% .627 92% Excellent 21.9 28.8 4.8 7.2
Iso 13.3% .429 91% Excellent 20 20 17.9 14.3
P&R Ball 19.4% .659 66% Very good 34.6 38.5 22 14.6
Off Screen 15.2% 1.312 8% Poor 53.6 64.3 3.1 12.5

Where Oubre’s length is absolutely killer is playing passing lanes, getting deflections, and on closeouts bothering opposing shooters. Oubre doesn’t have good help/off-ball defensive instincts, but deploying his arms in preying mantis fashion either extended or above his head makes him a menace in the passing lanes, where Oubre racks ups deflections. Players closely guarded by Oubre shot a woeful 18.2% from the floor in half court catch and shoot situations, which profiles Oubre’s ability to contest shots successfully.

Catch & Shoot HC Frequency PPP Rank Rating FG% aFG%
Guarded 62 .545 94% Excellent 18.2 27.3
Unguarded 38 1.222 34% Average 40.7 59.3

He has the physical profile and mobility to help and recover on the NBA level, either digging down on post ups swiping at the ball with his long arms or tagging the roll man if the mental component of team defense catches up with Oubre’s physical talent.

Lastly, Oubre profiles as an excellent rebounder for a wing. Even with his slight frame, he utilizes his length to high point balls and to get Tyson Chandler type tip backs. Sometimes Oubre will be completely sealed off on a box out and his length allows him to simply reach over the opponent to keep balls live. As his frame fills out he’ll be even more lethal on the glass.


  • Ball Skills: Limited Handle and Stiff With the Ball, Purely a Straight-Line Driver
  • Profiles at Best as a Secondary Ball-Handler
  • Not an Explosive Finisher Off the Dribble in Close Quarters or Adept at Finishing Through Contact
  • Feel for the Game/Passing Awareness: Low Assist Percentage
  • Shooting Consistency: Streak Shooter with Good Mechanics But %s Could be Higher for His Skill-Set
  • Left Hand Dominant
  • Limited Shooter Off the Dribble
  • Defensive Mental Consistency, Especially Off-Ball
  • Shot Selection
  • Good Frame But Needs to Add Strength

From a skill-set standpoint, my biggest issue with Oubre is his lack of ball skills. He has a severely limited handle (basically only goes left) and looks like a stiff with the ball, possessing no change of pace or wiggle creating space. Right now, he’s purely a straight-line driver and he doesn’t even do that especially well, as he can’t handle in close quarters. Unless he really develops as a ball-handler, he profiles at best as a secondary ball-handler in limited situations.

Oubre is quietly also not an explosive finisher in close quarters, even with his length advantage. He’s only finishing 60% at the rim, which is below average for an NBA wing prospect, mostly due to his half court dribble penetration game and finishing through contact. As a shot creator, Oubre has questionable shot selection at times forcing the issue, and doesn’t look to have an innate feel for creating for others. He has an obscenely low assist percentage and does not have the court sense nor handle to generate looks for others.

Much of Oubre’s success in the league will depend on his jump shot, which currently is quite streaky. For a player with limited ball skills, Oubre needs to kick that 36% three point mark up to 38% or so in the league. His shot is mechanically sound, which bodes well for that transition, but time will tell. He also has a limited off the dribble shooting game, and will need to develop a 1 to 2 dribble off the bounce shot to attack closeouts without going all the way to the rim.

As touched on above, Oubre is not an instinctual help defender, and is slow to diagnose plays. He falls asleep repeatedly on assignments, which is a large reason it took him some time to break Self’s rotation (who is famous for not playing defensive liabilities). Oubre has the physical tools to be an elite defender, but he needs to improve his focus and effort level instead of just relying on his length. Lastly, as with most wing prospects, Oubre needs to fill out strength wise to guard bigger wings in the league. At his current weight he can’t handle the more physically imposing Wes Matthews of the world, which inhibits his value.

Scheme Fit:

Offense: High Pace/Transition Oriented, Likely Spot Up Corner Three Point Shooter/Slasher in Half Court

Oubre is best placed in a system that capitalizes on his mobility and finishing ability in transition, which helps overcompensate for his limited ball skills in the half court. With his lack of handle and shot creation ability, Oubre is best served in the half court spotting up in the corners for threes, utilizing his dribble just to attack closeouts with ample space. The more simplified the system, the better, as he likely won’t be able to contribute to a team short term unless it’s in such a role.

Defense: Versatile Switch Heavy Scheme

Ideally, Oubre will play in a more conservative scheme initially that enables him to stay close to his man off-ball or guard mostly on-ball, both eliminating excessive help responsibilities. Ultimately however, Oubre has that versatile size, quicks and athleticism to be employed in a switch heavy scheme, where his ability to guard multiple positions will make him exponentially more valuable.

Team Fit: Oklahoma City Thunder

I think this is Oubre’s floor and the best possible fit for his skill-set. I don’t profess to know much about Billy Donovan’s schemes outside of the fact he likes threes, but Oubre fills Oklahoma City’s only real need: a two way wing. The Thunder have Roberson who is  a defensive ace but can’t shoot and Morrow who is the exact opposite. What they need is a wing player who can both defend and shoot threes, but doesn’t need the ball to thrive with Russ and Durant monopolizing touches. If Oubre pans out he fits exactly what the Thunder need, and with his combination of athleticism and length fits GM Sam Presti’s affinity for defensive length. Overall, the Thunder typically run simpler offensive sets that will likely relegate Oubre to corner three point shooting, and organizationally they typically prefer to operate at a high pace to capitalize on their athleticism advantage. In this narrower focused 3 & D role Oubre could really thrive, and given the Thunder’s roster depth, they can afford to roll the dice on a high-upside prospect. 

NBA Player Comparison: Terrence Ross with Higher Defensive Upside

Ross was similar to Oubre in many ways coming out of college: an athletic wing streak shooter with good physical tools, limited ball skills and inconsistent defensively. Ross has a much shorter wingspan, which caps his defensive potential and renders Oubre the superior upside pick in that regard. Ross still hasn’t carved out a consistent role in the league because he’s the antithesis of consistency, but the physical tools are still there. Oubre has superior physical tools, and again superior defensive upside. Often times success comes down to playing in the right system. If Oubre is afforded the opportunity to carve out a niche as a 3&D wing in the league with an organization like the Thunder that has superstar leadership, he could be a player in a few years.

Upside: High Level Starter

I don’t see superstar potential with Oubre because of the lack of ball skills and playmaking feel, but if he develops his three-point shooting consistency and hones his off-ball defense, he could be a high-level 3 & D player capable of guarding multiple positions. In today’s NBA that is one of the most highly coveted skill-sets, and for that reason he’s an intriguing option in the latter half of the lottery, ranking in the 9-11 tier on my board.