About the Site

Overall Mission

It is my all-encompassing goal to use the skills acquired during my legal education, mainly my ability to interpret a complex document like the CBA, coupled with knowledge acquired from my lifelong affinity for the NBA, enabling me to apply those respective legal skills in an NBA context, to create an original forward-looking product that projects future league transactions multiple steps ahead.  “Capology” mostly entails present understanding of the mechanics of the salary cap.  Cap Strategy involves the combination of progressive NBA forecasting, CBA application and strategic analysis.  I intend to provide the latter, ergo the site name.

What This Site Is

CapStrategist.com is aimed predominately to serve a niche aspect of the NBA analysis spectrum: the utilization and application of NBA CBA principles, trend analysis and strategic analysis to project both player and team future transactions on a league-wide scale.  In essence, this site attempts to transcend analysis of NBA events that have already come to pass as well as strict explanations of CBA principles, instead adopting a forward-looking forecasting and application approach using the CBA as one of multiple vessels to project transactions of the full 30 team NBA landscape.  While the emphasis of the site is on projection using the CBA, scouting and player evaluation are also quintessential pieces to the overall analysis spectrum, thus this site will intertwine current NBA player evaluation as well as NBA draft prospect analysis.

What This Site Is Not

CapStrategist.com is not a primary source for player or team salary information.  I am most certainly not a sourced individual who is privy to first-hand player contract or salary details. This site is also not meant to serve as a CBA provision explanation-based vehicle.  That explanatory terrain is already covered by notorious CBA guru Larry Coon in his Salary Cap FAQ, and any attempt to replicate Larry’s simplified superior product would be both duplicative and superfluous as no one could do it better.  Explanations on this site of CBA provisions and/or principles are made only to the requisite degree to lay the foundation for future projection.  For specific player salary information and precise CBA provision explanation, consult the applicable sources outlined in the “Sources” section.

*Disclaimer: This site is currently an advertisement free website intended for non-commercial, educational purposes.


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