Lead Guards

The following is a list of non-minimum salary contracts (that have not elapsed) signed in the current CBA  grouped in tiers by average yearly salary in descending order.

Tier 1: Max

Deron Williams: 5 year max (UFA)

Chris Paul: 5 year max (UFA)

Derrick Rose: 5 year max (Designated Player Rookie Scale Extension, 5th Year Max)

Kyrie Irving: 5 year max (Designated Player Rookie Scale Extension, 5th Year Max)

Russell Westbrook: 5 year max (Designated Player Rookie Scale Extension)

John Wall: 5 year max (Designated Player Rookie Scale Extension, 5th Year Max Extension)

Tier 2: Near Max Range $10M-

Tony Parker: 3 years, $43M (Veteran Extension)

Eric Bledsoe: 5 years, $70M (RFA)

Ricky Rubio: 4 years, $55M (Rookie Scale Extension)

Kemba Walker: 4 years, $48M (Rookie Scale Extension)

Ty Lawson: 4 years, $48M (Rookie Scale Extension)

Kyle Lowry: 4 years, $48M (UFA)

Stephen Curry: 4 years, $44M (Rookie Scale Extension)

Jrue Holiday: 4 years, $41M (Rookie Scale Extension)

Tier 3: Exceeding Non-Taxpayer Midlevel Exception Range $6M-$10M

Steve Nash: 3 years, $27.9M (Sign and Trade, UFA)

Jeremy Lin: 3 years, $25.12M (Arenas Rule, RFA)

Jeff Teague: 3 years, $24M (RFA)

Brandon Jennings: 3 years, $24M (Sign and Trade, RFA)

George Hill: 5 years, $40M (RFA)

Goran Dragic: 4 years, $30M (UFA)

Jose Calderon: 4 years, $29M (UFA)

Isaiah Thomas: 4 years, $27M (Sign and Trade, RFA)

Greivis Vasquez: 2 years, $13M (RFA)

Jarrett Jack: 4 years, $25.2M (UFA)

Tier 4: Non-Taxpayer Midlevel Exception Range $3.5-$6M

Shaun Livingston: 3 years, $16.63M (UFA)

Andre Miller: 3 years, $16.25M (UFA)

Darren Collison: 3 years, $15.04M (UFA)

J.J. Barea: 4 years, $18M (UFA)

Mario Chalmers: 2 years, $8.3M (UFA)

Devin Harris: 4 years, $16.56M (UFA)

Raymond Felton: 4 years, $14.86M (UFA)

Mo Williams: 1 year, $3.75M (UFA)

Tier 5: Taxpayer Midlevel, Bi-Annual, Room Exception Range $2-$3.5M

Patty Mills: 3 years, $10.99M (UFA)

Alexey Shved: 3 years $9.28M (Draft Rights)

DJ Augustin: 2 years, $6M (UFA)

Jerryd Bayless: 2 years, $6M (UFA)

Brian Roberts: 2 years, $5.59M (UFA)

Kirk Hinrich: 2 years, $5.59M (UFA)

Jameer Nelson: 2 years, $5.59M (UFA)

Jordan Farmar: 2 years, $4.25M (UFA)

Beno Udrih: 2 years, $4.25M (UFA)

Steve Blake: 2 years, $4.25M (UFA)

Ramon Sessions: 2 years, $4.25M (UFA)

Nate Robinson: 2 years, $4.12M (UFA)

CJ Watson: 2 years, $4.09M (UFA)

Pablo Prigioni: 3 years, $4.99M (UFA)


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