The following is a list of non-minimum salary contracts (that have not elapsed) signed in the current CBA  grouped in tiers by average yearly salary in descending order.

Tier 1: Max

Paul George: 5 year max (Designated Player Rookie Scale Extension, 5th Year Max)

Gordon Hayward: 4 year max (RFA)

Klay Thompson: 4 year max (Extension) *Not True % Max

James Harden: 5 year max (Designated Player Rookie Scale Extension)

Eric Gordon: 4 year max (RFA)

Kawhi Leonard: 5 Year Max (RFA) Last Year Player Option

Jimmy Butler: 5 Year Max (RFA) Last Year Player Option

Wes Matthews: 4 Year Max (UFA) Last Year Player Option

Tier 2: Near Max Range $10M-

Kobe Bryant: 2 years, $48.5M (UFA)

Dwayne Wade: 1 Year, $20M (UFA)

Dwyane Wade: 2 years, $31.13M (UFA)

Chandler Parsons: 3 years, $46.1M (RFA)

DeMarre Carroll: 4 years, $60M (UFA)

Khris Middleton: 5 Years, $70M (RFA) Last Year Player Option

Andre Iguodala: 4 years, $48M (UFA)

Nicolas Batum: 4 years, $46.1M (RFA)

Tyreke Evans: 4 years, $44M (Sign and Trade, RFA)

Alec Burks: 4 years, $42M (Rookie Scale Extension)

Danilo Gallinari: 4 years, $42M (RFA)

Gerald Wallace: 4 years, $40M (UFA)

Danny Green: 4 year $40M (UFA)

Tier 3: Exceeding Non-Taxpayer Midlevel Exception Range $6M-$10M

Luol Deng: 2 years, $19.9M (UFA)

DeMar Derozan: 4 years, $38 (Rookie Scale Extension)

Lance Stephenson: 3 years, $27.41M (UFA)

Monta Ellis: 3 years, $25.1M (UFA)

Trevor Ariza: 4 years, $32M (UFA)

Avery Bradley: 4 years, $32M (RFA)

OJ Mayo: 3 years, $24M (UFA)

Marcus Thornton: 4 years, $31.15M (RFA)

Arron Afflalo: 5 years, $38M (RFA)

Manu Ginobili: 2 years, $14.5M (UFA)

Tayshaun Prince: 4 years, $28M (UFA)

Kevin Martin, 4 years: $27.75M (Sign and Trade, UFA)

J.J. Redick: 4 years, $27.76M (Sign and Trade, UFA)

Wilson Chandler: 5 years, $32M (RFA)

Jodie Meeks: 3 years, $18.81M (UFA)

Landry Fields: 3 years, $18.75M (RFA)

Gerald Henderson: 3 years, $18M (RFA)

Kyle Korver: 4 years, $24M (UFA)

Jason Richardson: 4 years, $24M (UFA)

Tier 4: Non-Taxpayer Midlevel Range $3.5-$6M

J.R. Smith: 3 years, $17.9M (UFA)

PJ Tucker: 3 years, $16.5M (RFA)

Martell Webster: 4 years, $21.99M (UFA)

Paul Pierce: 2 years, $10.9M (UFA)

Courtney Lee: 4 years: $21.5M (Sign and Trade, RFA)

Jamal Crawford: 4 years, $21.35M (UFA)

Nick Young: 4 years, $21.3M (UFA)

Jason Terry: 3 years, $15.7M(UFA)

Lou Williams: 3 years, $15.7M (UFA)

Tony Allen: 4 years, $20M (UFA)

Marcus Morris: 4 years, $20M (Rookie Scale Extension)

Chase Budinger: 3 years, $15M (UFA)

Corey Brewer: 3 years, $14.1M (UFA)

Ben Gordon: 2 years, $9M (UFA)

Caron Butler: 2 years, $9M (UFA)

CJ Miles: 4 years, $17.96M (UFA)

Vince Carter: 3 years, $12.2M (UFA)

Thabo Sefolosha: 3 years, $12M (UFA)

Danny Green: 3 years, $11.29M (RFA)

Quincy Pondexter: 4 year, $14M (Rookie Scale Extension)

Tier 5: Taxpayer Midlevel, Bi-Annual, Room Exception Range $2-$3.5M

Gerald Green: 3 years, $10.5M (UFA)

Bojan Bogdanovic, 3 years, $10.28M (Draft Rights)

Matt Barnes: 3 years, $10.19M (UFA)

Anthony Morrow: 3 years, $10M (UFA)

Alonzo Gee: 3 years, $9.75M (RFA)

Carlos Delfino: 3 years, $9.75M (UFA)

Gary Neal: 2 years, $6.5M (RFA)

Andrei Kirilenko: 2 years, $6.5M (UFA)

Mike Dunleavy: 2 years, $6.5 (UFA)

Dorell Wright: 2 years, $6.1M (UFA)

Randy Foye: 3 years, $9.14M (UFA)

Marco Belinelli: 2 years, $5.6M (UFA)

Mike Miller: 2 years, $5.59M (UFA)

James Johnson: 2 years, $5M (UFA)

DeMarre Carroll: 2 years, $5M (UFA)

Danny Granger: 2 years, $4.25M (UFA)

Kent Bazemore: 2 years, $4M (UFA)

John Salmons: 1 year, $2M (UFA)



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