Rather than offer up references in each post, I thought it more appropriate to issue a blanket sources section, mostly so I could provide greater context for appreciation.

Player Salary Input Data

This site would not be possible without the contributions of others predominately by way of specific player salary and contract terms input data.  This information was derived from the following two sources:

1.Mark Deeks,

Mark and his site served as inspiration for both my personal career arc and the creation of this site.  Mark is a renowned NBA CBA go-to and a must follow on twitter for all aspects of NBA analysis.  His site,, possesses both intricate NBA player contract details (down to non-guaranteed contract dates), as well as explanatory sections such as a detailed layout of cap holds.  Presumably, if you have found your way here, then you certainly have ventured to Mark’s site, which again is a must visit for thorough NBA analysis and cap details.

2.Eric Pincus,

Eric is a senior writer who manages NBA team and salary cap information at (amongst other things).  He is similarly a must follow on twitter as an immediate source for NBA analysis and player/team salary information, and is one of the rare prominent NBA writers who engages in twitter dialogue with virtually everyone regularly (as I can attest to).  Eric’s concise and timely contract information was integral to the input data of this site, and will continue to be.

3.Bobby Marks, (UPDATED)

I haven’t updated the sources section since 2014, and there have obviously been changes to the salary input landscape since.  Bobby’s resume as a 20 year executive/capologist with the Nets organization goes without saying.  He’s a must follow on twitter (@bobbymarks42) for technical knowledge in immediate cap ramification reactions and also engages consistently with twitter followers.  His newly created team salary pages can be found on the Vertical site (but you already knew that).

Collective Bargaining Agreement Principles

All Collective Bargaining Agreement related provisions, principles and information were derived from the official 2011 National Basketball Association Collective Bargaining Agreement, available on the NBA Players Association website (  All calculations and non-contract input content were and will continue to be made by me, the author.

It should be noted that Larry Coon’s CBA FAQ was used as a quick reference and supplement to my study of the official NBA CBA document.  His FAQ is available at and is obviously a must read, for Larry’s ability to break down the complexities of the CBA into simplistic explanations is invaluable.

Cap Projection Numbers

Unless otherwise noted, all salary cap projection numbers are gleaned from Larry Coon’s CBA FAQ Blog, available at

*Disclaimer: None of the above authors consented to or have any willing association by way of their names or site links listed above with the content of this site.  Their respective inclusions were to afford source credit and gratitude.  The existence of their names and site links on this site presumably remain unbeknownst to them.








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