Category 2 Wings: *Two-Way Primary Scorers/Self Creators

Category 2 Wings: *Two-Way Primary Scorers/Self Creators 

(Skills: On Ball High Usage + Efficient Shot Creation, Shooting off the Dribble, Post Up, Off Ball Threat, Non-Elite Creation for Others, Defense)

Category 2A: Two-Way Wings

  1. Kevin Durant (Freshman) #2
  2. Kawhi Leonard (Sophomore) #15
  3. Paul George (Sophomore) #10
  4. Jimmy Butler (Senior) #30
  5. *Brandon Ingram (Freshman) #2
  6. *Andrew Wiggins (Freshman) #1

Category 2B: Offense Only Exception

  1. Carmelo Anthony (Freshman) #3

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Category 1 Wings: Two-Way Primary Initiators

Category 1 Wings: Two-Way Primary Initiators

(Skills: High Usage Handling In Point-Forward/Lead Guard Role Initiating the Offense, Creation For Others, Self Creation, Driving/Finishing, Defense)

  1. LeBron James (HS) #1
  2. *Giannis Antetokounmpo (International) #15
  3. *Ben Simmons (Freshman) #1

Also Included: Prime Kobe Bryant, Prime Dwyane Wade, Prime Manu Ginobili & Paul Pierce (Arguably)

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Category 5 Fives: Defense/Energy Lob Catchers

Category 5 Fives: Defense/Energy Lob Catchers

(Skills: PNR Dive Man Lob Catching/Finishing, Plus Rebounding, Rim Protection + Versatile Space Defense)

  1. Tristan Thompson (Freshman) #4
  2. Bismack Biyombo (International) #7
  3. Clint Capela (International) #25
  4. Festus Ezeli (Senior) #30

*Also In This Category But Not Included: Ed Davis, John Henson, and Brandan Wright (All too frail to man the 5 spot for big minutes as a starter)

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Category 2 Fives: Outlier Athleticism/Tools

Category 2 (A&B) Fives: Outlier Athleticism/Tools

(Skills: Finishing +PNR Dive Gravitational Lob-Catching, Rim-Running, Rebounding, Rim Protection)

Category 2A:

  1. Anthony Davis (Freshman) #1

Category 2B:

  1. DeAndre Jordan (Freshman) #35
  2. Andre Drummond (Freshman) #9
  3. Hassan Whiteside (Freshman) #33
  4. Rudy Gobert (International) #27
  5. Steven Adams (Freshman) #12
  6. Nerlens Noel (Freshman) #6
  7. Willie Cauley-Stein (Junior) #6

*Not Included: Dwight Howard (best example), Tyson Chandler

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