CBA Changes Overview

*I’ll add to this overview as more information trickles in


  • $6M above tax line now instead of $4M (applies to hard-capped teams)

2017/18 Cap Projection

  • $103M (up from $102M)

MLE (Non-tax, Tax, Bi-Annual, Room)

  • 17/18: Increase by 45%
  • 18/19 (and beyond): will rise and fall at same rate of salary cap

Veteran Minimum

  • 17/18: Increase by 45%
  • 17/18 Rookie Minimum EX : $815,615 (Also the Minimum Roster Charge)
  • Minimum exception: potential increased length from 2 years?
  • 18/19 (and beyond): Will rise and fall with cap

Future Rookie Scale

  • 17/18 Rookie Scale: Climbs by 15%
    • Second Year: increases by 5% raise (over 4.5% previously) and then additional 30% increase
    • Third Year: 45% increase
  • Adjusts with cap

Existing Rookie Scale Increases

  • 2017/18: 15%
  • 2018/19: 30%
  • 2019/20: 40%

*Team will be responsible for paying additional salary, they’ll be reimbursed by NBA and this will trigger no player salary as it pertains team salary/the cap implications

Unsigned 1st Round Pick Cap Hold

  • 120% of Scale now (was just scale amount before)

Cap Holds Coming Off Rookie Scale Contracts

  • Last Yr Of Contract Above Estimated League Average: Now 250% (was 200%)
  • Last Yr of Contract Below Estimated League Average: Now 300% (was 250%)

New Cash Maximum in Trades

  • $5.1M in trades
  • Adjusts with cap

Player Raise Increase

  • Max/Min annual raises increse from 4.5% and 7.5% to 5% and 8% respectively


  • Ends now July 6 at noon ET
  • NBA will determine cap/tax before moratorium begins on July 1st each year

Restricted Free Agency

  • RFAs can sign offer sheets now during the moratorium
  • Waiting period is 48 hours instead of 72 hours
  • Clock doesn’t start until end of moratorium
  • Unilateral withdrawal of QO date: now July 13 (was July 23)
  • *Teams can’t state publicly anymore that they will match any offer for RFAs

RFA/Arenas Rule:

  • Prior team now has option of matching with average salary, not just actual salary (avoids 3rd year leap if elected)

Trade Rules:

  • Enhanced non-taxpayer post trade rules: 150% of outgoing salary increased to 175% where applicable
  • Can now reduce/eliminate a trade bonus entirely (not just based on requirement to make legal?)
  • Non-Guaranteed Salary: (akin to Poison Pill)
    • Players signed to deals under new agreement will have just guaranteed salary amount count towards matching to make trades more difficult
      • Outgoing salary: guaranteed amount (ie partial guarantee)
      • Incoming salary: full salary amount

Max Salaries

  • Now based on straight 25%, 30% and 35% of cap (not complex formula, WHICH IS ABOUT DAMN TIME)

Over 36 Rule

  • Now Over 38 Rule (CP3 Impact)

Veteran Extensions

  • Eligibility: 3 or 4 year deal can sign extension after 2nd anniversary of signing (was 3rd anniversary of a 4+ year deal)
  • Length: increase from 4 to 5 (includes years remaining on current deal) for non-super max deals
  • Year 1 Max: Now 120% increase over final year of prior deal (was 107.5%) or 120% estimated league average salary

Designated Player Veteran Extensions:

  • Eligibility:
    • Players entering 8th or 9th season with their original franchise or if they were traded to existing team during first 4 years of career
    • Made/earned one of:
      • 3 all-NBA teams ; or
      • Defensive Player of the Year
        • In season preceding extension or in 2 of 3 prior seasons
      • League MVP in any of 3 previous seasons
    • Can only be signed during off-season (starting in July)
    • Can be given to player who is a FA (ie Curry)
    • Maximum 2 players per team
    • 6 Year length (really 5 additional years) and includes remaining years of contract
    • Salary in first year between 30% and 35% of salary cap (guessing negotiable like Designated Rookie Extensions)
    • Player will not be trade eligible for 1 year post signing
    • Language in deal grandfathers in recent extensions signed before CBA “agreement” (ie Russell Westbrook and James Harden)

Designated Player Rookie Extensions:

  • Drops All-Star qualification. Now same Criteria as Designated Player Veteran Extensions
  • Teams can now sign two players to Designated Player Rookie Extensions (before you could only sign 1 and trade for 1)
  • Extension deadline: now one day before start of regular season (was October 31st or first weekday/non-holiday after)

Minimum Roster Size

  • Increase from 13 to 14

Minimum Roster Charge

  • Remains at 12

Salary Floor:

  • Shortfall under floor goes to players (pro rata?) now, as opposed to a TBD by Union potentially
  • Clause now stipulates player can’t exceed individual maximum with shortfall payment

Two-Way Contract Implementation/Max Roster Size

  • 16th and 17th roster spots designated for “two-way” contracts
  • Might have timeframe limitation?

Player Pool

  • $20M for coming season, with future increases tied to BRI


  • Suspension fines reduce player’s base compensation by 1/145 now (was 1/110).
  • Remains at 1/110 if suspension is 20 games or more
  • Use of steroid/PED will be:
    • 25 games for a first time offender
    • 55 games for a second

Health Insurance/Pension

  • Increased health insurance and pension for retired players

Prohibited Activities:

  • Now includes:
    • Fireworks
    • Firearms
    • Jet skiing
    • Hoverboards (!!!!!)
    • Trampoline jumping

Comprehensive Policy for Domestic Violence

*Thanks to the usuals (Bobby Marks, Eric Pincus) who are found in the sources tab for the information, and to Tim Bontempts of the Washington Post as well