Draft Framework

Lead Guards

Category 1: Two-Way Scheme-Changers (Prototype: Chris Paul)

Category 2: Outlier Athleticism/Tools (Prototype: Russell Westbrook)

Category 3: Offensive Scheme-Changers (Prototype: James Harden)

Category 4: Two-Way Initiators (Prototype: Kyle Lowry)

Category 5: Defensive Tools + Non-Shooters (Prototype: Ricky Rubio)

Category 6: Dribble-Drivers (Prototype: Goran Dragic)

Category 7: 3&D Plus Initiation (Prototype: George Hill)


Category 1: Two-Way Primary Initiators (Prototype: LeBron James)

Category 2: Primary Scorers + Creation For Others (Prototype: Kevin Durant)

Category 3: Two-Way Swiss Army Knife Playmakers (Prototype: Andre Iguodala)

Category 4: 3&D Plus (Prototype: Klay Thompson)

Category 5: 3&D Versatile (Prototype: Jae Crowder)

Category 6: 3&D Perimeter/Point of Attack (Prototype: Danny Green)

Category 7: Two-Way Secondary Handlers (Prototype: Avery Bradley)

Category 8: Offensive/Scoring Secondary Handlers (Prototype: CJ McCollum)

Category 9: Defensive Versatile (Prototype: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist)

Category 10: Offensive Skilled Combo-Forwards (Prototype: Danilo Gallinari)

Category 11: Wing Fours (Prototype: Harrison Barnes)

Category 12: 1 Position Defenders + 1 Skill Shooters (Prototype: JJ Redick)


Category 1: Two-Way Playmakers (Prototype: Draymond Green)

Category 2: Offensive Playmakers (Prototype: Kevin Love)

Category 3: Skilled + Stretch (Prototype: Patrick Patterson)

Category 4: Face Up Handlers With Low Defense/Feel Floors (Prototype: Markieff Morris)

Category 5: Energy + Motor (Prototype: Kenneth Faried)


Category 1: Playmakers (Prototype: Anthony Davis) 

Category 2: Outlier Athleticism/Tools (Prototype: Rudy Gobert)

Category 3: Unicorns (Prototype: Kristaps Porzingis)

Category 4: Defense + Passing/Non-Scorers (Prototype: Joakim Noah)

Category 5: Defense + Energy/Lob Catchers (Prototype: Tristan Thompson)

Category 6: Traditional Offensive Bucket-Getters (Prototype: Brook Lopez)


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